Marketing & Business Development Intern Programme at Qomply

10 Oct 2023

Staša Đorojević joined Qomply’s Intern Programme having recently graduated from Imperial College Business School with a master's degree in management. Staša discusses why she chose Qomply for her internship, the new skills she has learnt and her opinion on the fintech industry.

What made you choose Qomply for your internship?

While studying Strategic Marketing as part of my master's degree in management at Imperial College Business School, I developed an interest in the power of effective communication and brand strategy. However, what truly sets the role at Qomply apart is the added dimension of business development. This role isn't just about marketing, it's about driving growth and innovation in an industry that's constantly evolving.

The fintech sector fascinates me due to its fast-paced environment and the transformative impact it has on the financial landscape. Joining Qomply means I'm right at the heart of innovation, constantly pushed beyond my comfort zone to learn and grow, even beyond what my role initially entailed.

What have you learnt during the internship so far?

Since I joined Qomply, I've started exploring Google Analytics, which gave me a new insight into how users interact with our online presence. Learning HTML was a bit challenging at first, but ultimately rewarding as it allowed me to make direct contributions to the Qomply’s website. I also had the chance to work on my Photoshop skills, using them to create visually captivating marketing materials.

But beyond the technical skills, what's been truly eye-opening is how I've begun to see marketing differently in everyday life. I find myself appreciating the thought and creativity that go into crafting compelling messages and campaigns, whether it's a clever ad on the tube or a subtle social media sponsorship. Besides understanding what we do at Qomply; I have also started grasping the broader marketing landscape -- how it influences decisions, redirects perceptions, and plays an active role in our daily activities.

What is your favourite part of the internship?

My favourite thing about the Marketing and Business Development internship at Qomply has to be its dynamic nature. Being part of a smaller company, I have the opportunity to dive deep into various aspects of the business as it continues to grow.

What makes it even better is the chance to work closely with Charlotte, Qomply’s Marketing Director, and one of the co-founders, Michelle. They've been incredible mentors, helping me learn and grow quickly. They've not only guided me in marketing but have also provided valuable insights into the regtech industry.

How has your internship at Qomply influenced or altered your opinion of the fintech industry?

I knew that finTech was a rapidly evolving sector, but I didn't fully grasp the extent of its impact and innovation. However, working for Qomply has made me understand that fintech isn't just about financial transactions; it's about revolutionising the way we approach finance and compliance. I've seen firsthand how technology and innovation can simplify complex regulatory processes, making financial operations more efficient and secure.

Additionally, I've gained an appreciation for the collaborative spirit of the fintech community. The industry is filled with passionate professionals who are dedicated to improving financial services. This collaborative environment fosters creativity and drives the development of new and exciting solutions.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

In my free time, I like to get creative with digital art using Procreate. I wouldn't call myself a professional artist by any means, but I do enjoy using my artistic skills to create unique and personalised gifts for my family and friends on special occasions. It's a fun and thoughtful way for me to express my creativity while making the people I care about feel extra special.

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