Overview of Qomply Solutions

Business critical regulatory assurance is streamlined and systemised in Qomply’s approach to delivering a compliant, faster and more efficient experience.

Its proprietary engine was crafted by professionals who had previously worked proprietary trading systems. With best-in class-technology – from AI pattern recognition, to the implementation of heightened level of securitization, data is protected whilst processing is efficient.

Clients subscribe to only the services they require with a tailored-subscription model to reflect trade flow.  Investment firms find Qomply’s modular platform addresses both their regulatory requirements and their budget constraints.

The cloud-based tools offer straight-forward interfaces and streamlined APIs enabling market participants to either use as a stand-alone solution or integrate within their existing technical infrastructure.

Efficient, Accurate, and Collaborative

Diagnostic Tool

Qomply Solutions - At a Glance

Qomply ReportAssure | Transaction Report Diagnostic Auditor

Delivering one of the most comprehensive arsenals of accuracy checks in the industry, Qomply’s transaction report diagnostic auditor is powered by a proprietary assurance engine that checks every single piece of transaction report data for accuracy – performing a sophisticated matrix of thousands of rules and accuracy checks.

The tool offers a straight-forward interface and a streamlined API enabling market participants to either use as a stand-alone solution or integrate within their existing technical infrastructure.

Unique in the market, the Qomply Diagnostic Auditor detects issues with not only a firm's input files but also the regulator's MDP output files. This enables firms to preemptively and retrospectively conduct an analysis of their reports that were already submitted to the FCA - essential in complying with the regulations.

In addition to the MiFIR diagnostic engine module, EMIR and SFTR diagnostic engine modules are also available.

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Diagnostic Tool

Qomply ReportAssure | Transaction Report Trade Reconciler for MiFID II

Trade Reconciler

Accuracy Testing and Reconciliations are mandated under RTS 22, Article 15. The Transaction Report Trade Reconciler performs completeness checks across large data sets within seconds. At the touch of a button, market participants can efficiently reconcile transactions sent, from their front-office systems, to the regulator versus those received by the regulator.

Many firms still rely heavily on manual processes to analyse and reconcile their transaction report data. This severely limits reporting accuracy and productivity. Qomply’s solutions liberates firms from this burden and transforms their operational functions freeing up time to focus on their core business models.

Smaller firms are empowered to easily meet their regulatory obligations by only paying for the solution they require. Pricing models based on trade volume makes the Reconciler Tool a viable option for most firms.

Running both the Transaction Report Diagnostic and the Trade Reconciler provides an added-level of due diligence and comfort in the assurance that transaction reporting systems are working correctly.

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Qomply MiFID Reportability Tool | FCA and ESMA FIRDS Lookup Tool

This free service enables firms to conduct reportability checks to determine if a financial instrument is MiFID-reportable in the UK, the EU, or both.

By inputting an ISIN (instrument identifier), a string of ISINs, or uploading a CSV file for a specific trade date, the service will report, as of that trade date, the region and reportability of that instrument. Therefore, firms will know, unequivocally, if the instrument was reportable, when, and where.

This is the only service freely available that queries both FCA FIRDS and ESMA FIRDS databases and conducts searches across multiple instruments at once. Ambiguity of reporting obligations is removed as the tool reaches back in time to determine if an instrument was reportable in a specific regime.

It is now easy for market participants to obtain answers on their reporting obligations in one place as opposed to issuing multiple queries across different locations.

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MiFID Reportability Checker

QomplyPi Dashboard

QomplyPi | Centralised Sensitive Data Tool

QomplyPi is a cloud-based application used by trading venues and investment firms. The QomplyPi platform centralises the maintenance, processing and distribution of personal sensitive data so as to comply with recent EU MiFID II regulations, GDPR, and data privacy. The solution promotes an integrated financial system, imposes a secure control framework, and reduces operational risk and resources.

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Qomply Unified Message Monitor

The Qomply Unified Message Monitor centralises messages raised by trading venues and ARMs.

Investment firms monitor one central area for messages and exceptions across venues.

The unified messaging monitor can be used stand-alone or integrated into an existing technical infrastructure through an API. Optionally, the monitor can be used as part of the entire QomplyPi Sensitive Data Solution.

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Unified Message Monitor

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