Digital Culture Student from King's College London Joins Qomply

Summer Intern Programme at Qomply

22 June 2023

Anishka Parashar joined Qomply’s Intern Programme while pursuing her Bachelors in Digital Culture from King’s College London. Anishka discusses why she chose Qomply, her favourite parts of the internship and the new skills she has learnt over the past few weeks.

Why Qomply?

I remember seeing the Qomply Internship advert on my university website and it sounded like the blend of two sectors I find extremely interesting – Marketing and Business Development. I have been interested in the finance sector since I was young, and I felt Qomply would give me great exposure to the financial world and working life in London.

I was called for an interview and after speaking with the team at Qomply, who are now my managers, I knew this was the right internship for me.

What is your favourite part of the internship?

My favourite part of the internship has to be the summer long project assigned to me on Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Slow. The book is about the psychology of decision making and behavioural economics.

I was asked to read the book and present to the Senior Management about how we could implement the learnings from the theories and biases at Qomply.

While I've given presentations at university, I've never had to present to senior managers and thus, I was a little nervous. However, I was extremely encouraged by the team, and when it came time for my first presentation, I felt no nervousness but excitement instead.

What have you learnt during the internship so far?

From SEO to social media copywriting to editing and learning HTML from scratch – I feel like I learn something new in office every day. Due to the supportive and collaborative team at Qomply, I'm not afraid to ask questions about my tasks and deliverables.

My understanding of the financial world and financial jargon has grown exponentially because of working in the office and participating in discussions about things I was unaware of only a few weeks ago. Additionally, understanding and feeling confident about new coding applications motivates me.

What does your future career path look like?

Studying Digital Culture at King’s College London provides me with the opportunity to further my understanding in a broad range of fields from Psychology and Marketing to Economics and Management as well as Programming languages such as Python.

Since I joined university, I've been involved in a variety of projects across different sectors. In addition to exploring a few more fields before graduation, this internship has definitely motivated me to consider a career in FinTech.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work you can find me in a bookstore, looking for the latest books and rereading favourite ones.

I love dance and theatre as well and am always looking forward to the new plays coming to London. While dance and theatre help me get out of my comfort zone and bring me joy, swimming helps me to slow down and turn the focus inwards.

About Qomply

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By offering affordable, modular subscriptions, we enable financial firms of all sizes to benefit from high-quality, regulatory reporting technology, choosing from a menu to suit all appetites.

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