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Delegate Your Transaction Reporting or Operations to Qomply

The current regulatory framework does not fully consider the burden placed on firms who may not necessarily have the internal technical & operational resources or regulatory expertise to create accurate transaction reports, ensure the completeness and accuracy, conduct reconciliations, monitor submissions, and manage exceptions.

In response to these challenges, Qomply offers a Managed Service solution. Firms delegate the report construction, operational tasks, and exception handling to Qomply's team of experts.

Qomply Managed Service alleviates the burden of technical expertise but also provides peace of mind that regulatory requirements are being met in a risk-free and cost-effective manner.

Firms have the potential to reduce their transaction reporting costs by over 50 percent. This considers savings across divisions such as technology, internal resource, and operations staff as well as any additional external consultancy services.

Recognised Leader in Transaction Reporting Regimes

Qomply exclusively focusses on transaction reporting, providing quality assurance, reconciliation, report generation, and submission solutions to over 65 investment firms across the UK and EU.

Expert Oversight of Transaction Reporting Pipeline

Qomply Transaction Reporting Team is headed by Sophia Fulugunya who spent six years at the FCA, the majority of her tenure was within the Markets Reporting Team. Sophia also worked for a leading consultancy firm providing regulatory advice and guidance on transaction reporting. Sophia and her team provide daily oversight of the entire reporting chain.

Firms Rely on Qomply for Operational Consistency

All operational processes, starting from the point of consuming daily transaction reports, are conducted by Qomply. This includes report construction, validation, exception management, submission, support and reconciliation. It also includes assistance in preparing Errors & Omissions reports and interacting with the FCA.


Daily Construction of Transaction Reports from Raw Data Points


Daily Validation and Accuracy Checks of Reports


Daily Exception Handling of Issues


First Line Support Resolving Issues Pre-and-Post Submission


Daily Submission of Transaction Reports


Monthly Reconciliation for MiFIR - Daily for EMIR and SFTR

Over 50%

Potential Savings

Over 65

Investment firms trust Qomply

Quality Assurance Team of Experts: Recognised Industry Experts

A UK-based team of dedicated regulatory technical, operational, and regulatory experts providing Peace of Mind in your reporting.

Diagnostic Tool Savings: Potential to Save Over 50% in Reporting Fees

By delegating reporting functions, firms save costs across operational, technical, and compliance divisions.

Diagnostic Tool Mitigate Regulatory Risk

Reliable and cost-effective solution in accurate, timely transaction reports providing Peace of Mind that your reporting is accurate.

Diagnostic Tool Award Winning Technology

Qomply's award-winning platform offers one of the most comprehensive accuracy and assurance checks in the industry.

Our Other Solutions

Diagnostic Tool

Quality Assurance for Transaction Reports


Only solution trusted by regulatory consultants

Most comprehensive arsenal of accuracy checks in the industry

Mitigates risk, reduces reporting costs & ensures operational efficiency

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Reconciliation Tool

Reconciliation for Transaction Reports

Instantly & efficiently reconciles transactions sent from front-office to regulator vs those received by regulator

Two-way and three-way reconciliation

Over-reporting, under-reporting & timeliness identified in easy-to-use dashboard

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QomplyDirect Tool

Send Reports Directly to the Regulator

Send transaction reports directly to regulator or ARM

Through one platform, users monitor status,resolve exceptions & reduce costly reporting fees

Streamlines reporting process & reduces costs

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