Machine Learning graduate from Imperial joins Qomply

Technology Intern Programme at Qomply

19 May 2023

He Li joined Qomply’s Technology Intern Programme with Master’s degree in Machine Learning and Big Data from Imperial College and a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Renmin University, China. He discusses how the internship combines her passions of coding and finance and how she believes AI will impact the finance industry.

What made you choose Qomply?

I discovered Qomply through the Imperial College career service website and after reading the job description, I submitted my application immediately. I thought Qomply would provide a unique opportunity to utilize my Python skills within the financial industry. An internship at Qomply would also enhance my coding abilities and expand my understanding of finance.

I have had a deep interest in finance, particularly the trading sector, for a significant period of time. During my leisure hours, I enjoy listening to a podcast called "Chat with Traders." Joining Qomply would provide me with invaluable exposure to trading knowledge from a regulatory perspective, enabling me to gain a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic industry.

What is your favourite part of the internship?

The aspect of the internship I particularly enjoy is the significant emphasis on programming. It offers me an immersive experience in Python and various other technical libraries that serve multiple purposes.

One of my favourite aspects is doing peer programming with Michelle. Through this collaborative process, I have the opportunity to learn practical coding skills directly from her. Michelle demonstrates a structured and clear approach to coding that has greatly accelerated my progress. I have found many of her techniques and skills to be highly valuable, enhancing both productivity and efficiency. Engaging in peer programming with Michelle has been truly inspiring and has revealed the joy and excitement that coding can bring.

What have you learnt during the internship so far?

Working at Qomply is my first industrial experience. Compared with my previous academic datasets, Qomply’s platform uses much larger datasets. During this internship, I have been gradually acquiring knowledge on how these large datasets are stored and manipulated when necessary.

Furthermore, I have received training in software engineering that includes tasks such as modifying HTML to enhance the design and content of web pages.

One notable aspect of working at Qomply is its close-knit community. This has afforded me the opportunity to engage with various work threads such as exposure to b2b marketing activities including roundtable events and client outreach. These experiences have provided me with valuable insights into marketing practices and have allowed me to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.

What does your future career path look like?

My technology internship experience at Qomply really makes my career path become clearer. It has provided me with valuable insights into the significant benefits technology brings to the realm of traditional finance. I firmly believe that the financial industry will witness a surge in advanced technological applications in the future, particularly with the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI). Personally, I am driven by the aspiration to utilize advanced technologies to revolutionize the world of finance. I consider it to be the ideal career path for me.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

During my free time, I have a strong passion for shooting and climbing. Engaging in these activities brings me immense joy and serves as a refreshing escape from my daily routine.

Shooting provides me with a unique sense of concentration and focus. At that moment, everything becomes simple and clear. I am fully absorbed in the task at hand, concentrating on aiming and pulling the trigger. Hitting the target successfully fills me with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Climbing helps to build muscles and improves overall body movement and agility.

He Li

He Li, Spring Intern 2023

Award-Winning Internship Programme

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