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Instantly Convert Regulator’s MDP XML files into CSV files

13 June 2023

No Fuss CSV files from XML

Qomply has developed a powerful stand-alone tool that simplifies the conversion process of the financial regulator MDP XML files into user-friendly CSV files. This new tool removes the complexity of working with XML files and aids in data saving valuable time when users simply need to see the XML in Excel.

Effortless Conversion

The conversion process has never been easier. Users can access the MDP XML to CSV Convertor tool through the following URL: https://qti.qomplypi.com/mifid_xml_to_csv_convertor.

Once on the platform, users are just a few clicks away from transforming their XML files into CSV format. By simply uploading their XML file to the tool, the convertor instantly processes the data and generates a downloadable CSV file on the user's computer. The entire process takes mere moments, enabling users to efficiently analyze and manipulate the data.

Enhanced Readability and User-Friendly Format

Understanding the intricacies of XML files can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with financial regulatory data. Qomply's new feature eliminates this challenge by converting the complex XML structure into a clear and readable CSV format. The CSV file presents the data in a tabular format, making it easier to view, sort, filter, and analyze the information. With this enhanced readability, users can quickly identify patterns, anomalies, and important insights without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

Free Access and Convenience

Qomply remains committed to providing valuable solutions to its users, which is why the MDP XML to CSV Convertor tool is freely available to all. This convenient and accessible tool empowers businesses of all sizes to effortlessly convert their MDP XML files into CSV format, improving their compliance processes and saving valuable time and resources.

Unlock the potential of your financial regulatory data like never before.

About Qomply

Qomply takes away the pain by getting transaction reporting right the first time.

Qomply’s technology automatically executes a sophisticated matrix of rules and scenarios across reports from field-level to business-logic level. With 1000s of validation rules, Qomply easily exceeds the 250 validation rules set forth by the regulators.

Firms are empowered to conduct real-time checks as well as retrospective checks – making Quality Assurance, Remediation Exercises and Day-to-Day reporting straightforward.

Qomply’s easy-to-use dashboard empowers firms to send their reports directly to the regulator – bypassing costly fees with efficient, straight-through processing power.

This all leads to the fewest number of steps in the pipeline of reporting and ensuring reports are right the first time.

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