Quality Assurance at the Touch of a Button

MiFID II regulations requires firms to have arrangements in place to ensure transaction reports are complete and accurate.

Recent data from the FCA indicates that 50pct of firms may not be fully compliant with all aspects of MiFID.

How confident are you that your MiFID reporting is correct?

Qomply's accuracy, timeliness, and completeness checks provides "Peace of Mind" that your transaction reporting systems are working correctly.

Qomply forms an essential part of your systems & controls framework required by regulators. Checks can be done before or after sending to the regulator or ARM. Our solution enables you to conduct ongoing Quality Assurance checks as well as retrospective diagnostic healthchecks.

Qomply's cloud-based solutions offer straight-forward interfaces and streamlined APIs enabling you to either use as a stand-alone products or integrate within your existing technical infrastructure.

Chosen by Regulatory Consultancies, we ensure our awareness of regulatory changes and remove uncertainty for our clients.

If you are looking to conduct your own periodic quality assurance, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness checks, then the ReportAssure Suite puts Quality Assurance at the Touch of a Button.

Require a Comprehensive One-off Health Check Instead? Or, just want to conduct an audit on your systems and controls.

Qomply partners with regulatory consultants who use the Qomply technology as part of their complete Transaction Report HealthCheck.

Thousands of Checks in a Click

Forensic Checks

Assurance: Thousands of Checks in a Click

Our proprietary rules engine goes far beyond the standard validation checks to give you the assurance that reports are complete and accurate as possible.

Chosen by Regulatory Consultants

Chosen by Regulatory Consultancies

Ensures our awareness of regulatory changes on the horizon and removes any uncertainty for our clients.


Robust & Secure Technology

Due to our world class, multi-layered encryption, cloud-based technology.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Modular Pricing

Our affordable and flexible subscription model allows you to scale up as your business grows.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

With our easy to use and straight-forward interfaces, you’ll be up and running within minutes - freeing up time and resources for compliance and operations staff.

RJ O'Brien

Nathalie Revillion-Castro, Chief Operating Officer, London

"RJO specifically engaged with the Qomply team to use their ReportAssure tool to aid with two large projects that were time sensitive. The Qomply ReportAssure tool - which incorporates diagnostics based around field validations for submission and compliance lead field guidance for fields that will be accepted but may not be accurate - has a great user-friendly GUI and many features that add to internal controls. Qomply provided solid advice and expertise in consolidating our internal control structure for MiFID II Transaction reporting. A great way to enhance controls and stay compliant with the NCA's as both a BAU tool and also an internal audit enhancing product."

Arbuthnot Latham

Martin Williams, Head of Investment Operations

"Qomply's technology has helped us improve the accuracy and efficiency of our regulatory reporting framework. Good industry knowledge and practical experience combined with a can do attitude makes them a great partner to work with."

Gore Browne Investment Management

Simon Hebb, Compliance Director

"Qomply has reduced the complexity of what was a tedious and painful process. The scope and breadth of their platform helped us address our regulatory obligations around transaction reporting reconciliation. Qomply is an excellent solution for our MiFID reporting requirements and significantly reduces the very real risk of an error in what had been a manual exercise."

Third Financial

James Waterman, Operations Director

"We have been really impressed with the Qomply team and the ReportAssure platform. The platform is intuitive and provides us with thorough exception-based accuracy checking of our Transaction Reports. By adopting Qomply’s solution, we have managed to automate a number of aspects of our verification checks, enabling us to greatly improve the efficiency of the overall reporting process."

Bovill Regulatory Consultants

Eoghan Hartigan, Managing Consultant

"Qomply have combined a genuine grasp of complex regulations with polished technology. The result is a tool that strengthens the hand of those seeking to manage the regulatory risk that comes with trade and transaction reporting."

Irwin Mitchell Asset Management

John Gilles, Head of Operations - Senior Associate

"Bringing Qomply on-board to use as part of our validation process for transaction reporting has given us confidence as a business that the transaction reports that we are submitting are delivered accurately. We have also been impressed by the support and responsiveness offered by Qomply through the testing phase as well as with any day to day queries."

RJ O'Brien
Artbuthonot Latham
Third Financial
Bovill Regulatory Consultants
Irwin Mitchell Asset Management

Qomply ReportAssure Suite | Thousands of Checks in a Click


One of the most comprehensive arsenals of Quality Assurance and accuracy checks in the industry


Proprietary assurance engine checks every single piece of transaction report data for accuracy


Performs sophisticated matrix of over thousand rules for accuracy, validity and timeliness


Checks performed manually through the UI or through an API


Enables you to conduct your own Quality Assurance - Controls costs and maintains compliance


Detects issues with not only a firm's input files but also the regulator's MDP output files


Conducts analysis on reports both before and after they are sent to the regulator


Performs two-way or three-way reconciliations as MiFID regulations require


Verify transactions sent from front-office systems to the regulator match transactions received by the regulator


Team of regulatory experts on-hand through Qomply's partner firms

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