Qomply Wins Prestigious Sell-Side Technology Award

MiFID Transaction Report Suite Recognised for Advanced Technology

13 April 2021

Qomply enjoys record year for independent industry recognition.

Regulatory technology firm Qomply is the winner of the prestigious “Best Sell-Side Newcomer” award from Waters Technology, one of the most respected accolades in the financial sector.

Judged by a panel of industry experts from across the market, the highly valued Sell-Side Technology Awards are designed to acknowledge excellence in technology.

Qomply won the award for its innovative cloud-based platform that performs comprehensive diagnostics across every field of every trade contained in MiFID transaction reports. Qomply implements methodologies used in electronic trading so as to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Over the past year, Qomply’s rapid evolution is due to its ongoing commitment to continuous innovation in offering streamlined technology to the wide spectrum of investment firms. Earlier this year, Qomply announced its partnership with Bovill Regulatory Consultants in working together to provide MiFID health-checks across the financial sectors. Qomply is also partnered with BDO in working with its Financial Advisory division in delivering quality solutions to clients.

Michelle Zak, Co-founder of Qomply, remarks “As the financial services industry navigate ever-changing and complex matrix of regulatory obligations, institutions require integrated and scalable platforms to adapt to the growing complexity of managing data, identifying risks and employing the best-in-class analytics. At Qomply, we deliver these benefits to all investment firms by offering solutions tailored to the size, budget, and the specific requirements of the firm. The popularity of our products, the partner firms employing our solutions, and the company culture of continuous innovation are testimony to the relevancy of Qomply in today’s marketplace. “

About Qomply

Qomply is a leading regulatory technology firm specialising in advanced technology and automated services for transaction reporting accuracy and assurance – covering MiFIR, SFTR and EMIR.

Qomply’s flagship product, Transaction Report Diagnostic Health-Checker and Trade Reconciliation Suite, is a subscription-based, managed service that covers key aspects of the control framework for transaction reporting including comprehensive checks for accuracy and completeness, trade reconciliation, over-reporting, and detailed reference data checks. Firms conduct their own periodic comprehensive checks on their transaction reports - both before and after submission to the regulator – putting them firmly in control.

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