Peter Green Joins Advisory Committee at Qomply

31 March 2021

Qomply Forges Ahead With Strategic Leadership Appointments

Peter brings more than 30 years of financial expertise and market insights, further strengthening Qomply in expanding its ambitions and building its momentum.

Peter will contribute strategic guidance, commercial insights, and operational expertise.

Peter is an established market leader having begun his career on the International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) in the 1980’s. He was an early pioneer in establishing Kyte Broking, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Kyte Group, where he served as Chief Executive from 2000 up to his steering the business through its acquisition by GFI Group in 2010.

From there, Peter went on to serve on a number of boards within the financial sector including notable firms such as RJ O’Brien, Hamilton Court FX and PrismFP. Most profoundly, however, is Peter’s contribution to education where he continues his hands-on involvement in providing strategic guidance and governance oversight in the sixth-form sector.

Michelle Zak, Director at Qomply, says "We are extremely fortunate to have Peter's combination of entrepreneurship, commercial acumen, and pioneering spirit leading Qomply in its next steps".

Peter Green Joins Qomply

About Qomply

Qomply is a leading regulatory technology firm specialising in advanced technology and automated services for transaction reporting accuracy and assurance – covering MiFIR, SFTR and EMIR.

Qomply’s flagship product, Transaction Report Diagnostic Health-Checker and Trade Reconciliation Suite, is a subscription-based managed service that covers key aspects of the control framework for transaction reporting including comprehensive checks for accuracy and completeness, trade reconciliation, over-reporting, and detailed reference data checks. Firms conduct periodic comprehensive checks on their transaction reports - both before and after submission to the regulator – putting them firmly in control.

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