Unlocking Success in MiFID Transaction Reporting

Best Practices and Implementation

Tuesday, 31 October 2023

In Qomply’s 30-minute webinar, we'll delve into transaction reporting best practices in more detail and demonstrate how Qomply ReportAssure can be effectively implemented to support them. By integrating these practices and leveraging the Qomply platform, you'll be better prepared to meet the ever-evolving MiFID Transaction Reporting requirements.

Topics include

1. Traceability, Accountability & Escalation
2. Risk Exposure & Mitigation
3. Demonstrating Effective Exception Handling
4. Evolving and Adapting Systems and Controls

The Qomply ReportAssure platform is tailored to support best practices in MiFID Transaction Reporting. It offers an array of features that can significantly ease your compliance journey.

This session is open to everyone.

Current Qomply clients will be exposed to features in the platform to assist with implementation of best practices.

General industry practitioners will benefit from exposure to current industry trends and how firms are using tools available to them to demonstrate good governance and best practices.

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Tuesday, 31 October 2023

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